Snapchat’s Interesting Evolution Has Changed Everything! 

Just recently Snapchat has decided to make some prominent changes in diversifying from how it really works at the moment. From now onwards you don’t have to press the screen you will just have to tap and you’ll be able to view live streams flowing in your Snapchat, updated by your friends. Right now, this is work in progress for iOs and Android supporting devices and will take up to 18Mb of your storage.

Although this will make changes to the key features of Snapchat but it is also admittedly known of the fact that, this is what was holding Snapchat back technologically.

Another addition to the changes includes the ‘Add Nearby’ this feature will allow Snapchatters to add people who are in the short range as them. For example; if you and your friends are in company and if each person opens the Add nearby option and you will all be able to add each other instantly without the hassle to exchanging numbers or usernames. A list of nearby people will appear on your screen; all you have to do is tap and add them to your list. Although there will some two way authentication required.

Among other changes, users will now be able to add a selfie to the center of the Snapchat QR code.

The company stated in a blog post regarding the security for Snapchat:

“Last but not least, we recently rolled out two-factor authentication to improve Snapchat security. Once you enable it, bad guys will have a much harder time if they try to hack into your account,”


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