National Campaign Called To Fight Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is the no.3 cause of deaths in Americans and now officials are calling for more awareness in the subject. A national campaign to fight cardiac arrest has been launched by The Institution of Medicine, CBS News reported.

Cardiac Arrest has a survival rate of just 6% outside the hospital and if first responders treat the patient, the rate only increases to 11%.

Research has found that less than 3% of the population receives CPR training annually. When the cardiac arrest happens, outside a hospital, only 4% of the time bystanders use defibrillators.

Cardiac Arrest is the sudden loss of heart function, when your heart suddenly stops pumping blood to your body, not necessarily affecting a person with a heart problem.

Dr. Clifton Callaway, vice –chairman of emergency medicine at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center told CBS news that the number one priority when in front of a patient suffering cardiac arrest is to give them chest compressions in order to circulate the blood for them.

There are videos available that can teach people in about 2 minutes, the basic steps required to double the chance of survival when someone is experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest.

Statistics have shown that bystanders are too nervous to do anything or offer any help to the patient because they are scared to hurt them or worsen the situation.

However bystanders are the best chance the person has of surviving until the medics arrive to the scene.

CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook says hat even in the chance that the resuscitation failed and the person dies, the family at least knew that their loved one had a shit and some fought for their life. They don’t have t keep wondering “what if”


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