Working Moms Now Better Off Than Ever!

We need to stop making working mothers feel guilty as a new research has shown that working mothers acceptance rates are at an all time high now than ever before.

Previously mothers who had a job and went out of the house and left their children, to earn, were seen with disapproval and the rates of social acceptance were 47% in the 1970’s.

Now at a high of 70%, researchers feel acceptance will continue to increase.

A survey conducted in the 1970’s found that majority of the 12th grade kids wanted their mothers to be stay at home moms, a recent survey shows that four out of every five high school kids think it’s perfectly okay for their mothers to work.

Previous studies have proven that working mothers raise kids who are more likely to grow up and hold supervisory positions, girls raised by working mothers earned far better than their peers who had stay at home moms and kids were more likely to help out in the household.

So there you go, now go home and show some support to the working mothers in your life and say ‘thank you!’

After this survey officials urge the U.S government policy makers to take working mothers in to account and show their support and design programs around working families.

The research, which is published in the journal Psychology of Women Quarterly, looked at generational differences in attitudes on family roles.


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