Prediciting The Path Of Asteriods To Avoid Fatalties On Earth

Astronomers are worried as to how many lives asteroids are going to take when they hit earth. Small asteroids are impacting with Earth quite frequently and even if in the near future nothing big hits, tens and thousands of people are predicted to die in the next 85 years due to the impacts.

U.S based astronomer Scott Manley says that people who are potentially contributing to this cause will need to figure out what human life is worth.

He goes on to add that is risk is high enough for everyone to take it seriously and figure out a way to safeguard the lives of people.

The problem is not the speed of the asteroid but the information as to where it will hit and when is important to find out he told to RTE Radio 1, Wednesday morning.

The B612 Foundation, a non-profit organization, joined with other organizations has invested time and money into the research of the chances of any asteroids hitting our planet.

Work new technology has started which will be able to determine the path of these near earth objects (NEO’s) so that those places can be evacuated in proper time or a spacecraft can be sent into space to intercept them.

Ireland is one of the countries at risk from impacts in the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea, although it is not directly in line of the asteroids path but the impacts could trigger tsunamis.

It is very easy not to take the risk so seriously because of Hollywood movies but nonetheless the risk is real and dangerous says Dr. Hugh Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at the University Of Southampton.

He added that small NEO’s are hitting our planet all the time and this new technology will enable us to see where the impact is likely to take place, but we also must determine what will happen if we are to try to deflect it by using a spacecraft and giving it a push.

So far the largest known asteroid to hit the Earth was the Tunguska impact in 1908 which destroyed 80 million trees and had energy worth 1000 atom bombs.

The 2013 impact in Russia of the Chelyabinsk meteor left 1500 people injured.


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