Heiress vows to sue TV show for pranking her during her flight to UAE!

Heiress and famous celebrity Paris Hilton was pranked while on her flight to Dubai to host an opening of a hotel which was ushered by an Egyptian TV show which was to film the segment only. The TV series made her believe that a plane was really crashing when actually it was all for a show to put Paris on the spot.



the Heiress was left petrified and as she witnessed it happening, Paris who also afraid of flying is always terrified when travelling on the plane. She has already consulted her lawyers and is building a strong case against who ever is responsible for this incident as it insinuates to; an emotional distress for the heiress.

Paris claims that she does not believe it to be a prank since none of her team members were involved with this plan. The 34-year old said that that the incident looked was much scarier than it seems in the video uploaded on YouTube

Watch how it happened below.


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