Facebook Steps-Up Against Youtube’s Ad Territory

Facebook comes with another marketing technique to attract more add and video buyers. So if you’re thinking to post a video be sure to pay for only 10 percent of the video. So what does that mean? Facebook is ruling out full payment policy for the videos, before if you placed an advertisement you had to pay for the entire video but now if the video is viewed for more than 10-seconds you are in in-debited to pay that much;  the Wall Street Journal reports.

So now that you donr have to pre-pay per day and watch. Does that mean Facebook has more marketers? Since Facebook would charge you for videos you had no idea of weather they played or were watched, the new 10-second screening option allows advertisers to feel more assured that Facebook is catering to their attention by seeing and playing to their videos, meaning through reading long statuses updates and an auto play video for example; you could still take 10 seconds and count that as an ad-view.

Thanks to Facebook’s auto play feature (the mutes video playing that goes on involuntarily on your newsfeeds). The video is counted as ‘viewed’ if played for 3 seconds at least. The videos receive 4 billion views on average and about 70 percent of them are uploaded directly to the platform instead if being shared from other websites such as Youtube.

However, Youtube still takes the lead as it provides its users with a much wider platform such as it offers them to buy slots, skip video adds or use the TrueView option (this option takes place when you have to pay for only if you stick around 30-seconds or to the end of it- whatever is less). Facebook has quite to catch up to if it intends to compete with Youtube over marketers’ benefits.

Wallstreet was told by a spokesman for FB that;

“We strongly believe in giving marketers flexibility over how they buy video ads, and we listened to feedback which is why we’re offering the new cost-per-view option,” she said. “We don’t believe it’s the best option in terms of capturing the best value and brand objectives marketers care about, but we want to give them control and choice over how they buy”


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