Zuckerberg Speaks Up About His Envisions; Telepathy To Take Over Facebook Soon!


Mark feels generous with Facebook users as he opens an informal Q&A session. The famous Zuckerberg received questions on his Facebook page; the session took place on Tuesday where he got questions from celebrities and famous personalities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen Hawking and Arianna Huffington. And here is a fun fact of the Q&A which is thought to be a horrendous session for Mark; Facebook experienced technical glitches which attributed to an overload of likes. No question there on the mass appeal, seems so that the Zuckerberg Q&A hoarded most of the attention an likes this Tuesday.

Below are screen shots of the session.









you can view his other questions here.

Zuckerberg was also asked: “Why did you come up with Poking?”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” he deadpanned.

And if Zuckerberg awoke one morning to find that Facebook did not exist?

“I’d build it :),” he said.


In the end he does manage to rub some magic off, if you know what I mean. 😉



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