UK Green Space Loss Blamed On Celebrity Gardeners

UK citizens are finishing their garden lawns and turning them into patios, this has contributed to a loss of 7% of UK green space since 2001.

Huge chunks of green spaces are paved over in UK cities every year, areas seven times the size of Hyde Park!

The CCC’s experts suggest local councils are not enforcing rules, which are in place to stop gardens being concreted over.

If the situation continues like this, by 2050 UK cities can loose a fifth and quarter of all their green spaces, foresees the committee.

This is seriously worrying and would mean a very severe reduction in the amount of green space, stated Lord Deben.

The CCC holds celebrity gardeners accountable for the popularity of patios and also warns that it will increase the risk of flooding.

Lord Deben expressed his concern over the damaging effects of this trend, he said it will be damaging as far as hot weather is concerned, as far as floods are concerned and it will also have other ancillary damages like the biodiversity of wildlife.

The CCC said that a fifth of houses were already at a risk of overheating and nine out of every ten hospital were designed in such a way that it puts them at risk.

In the 2050’s, due to climate change, the risk of heat-related deaths will increase from 2000 to 7000 annually.

Future building regulation need to be adapted to include measure to prevent overheating for e.g. shading and ventilation, stated the CCC.

The CCC also said in the report that the Government should put more of the taxpayer’s money to subsiding green energy. Consumers are due to pay £7.6 billion a year by 2020.
CCC urges the Government to spend £9 billion a year by 2025.


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