Just incase the next time you’re in Europe. The EU makes roaming charges disappear from 2017!

European Union announced that there will be a removal of Data roaming charges which are to be uplifted by June 2017.

Data Roaming consists of any calls, text messages or any data usage that your cellular network picks up is to be discontinued from charge very soon. Here is what the Tariff structure looks like from 2012-2014

Jul-12 Jul-13 Jul-14
Outgoing voice calls (per min) € 0.29 € 0.24 € 0.19
Incoming Calls (per
€ 0.08 € 0.07 € 0.05
Outgoing texts (per SMS) € 0.09 € 0.08 € 0.06
Online (data download, per MB*) € 0.07 € 0.45 € 0.20

* The cap is per MB but you will be charged per Kilobyte used.
Prices exclude VAT.

These price caps apply to everybody – unless you have opted for a specific service or package. Of course, your provider is free to offer you cheaper rates, so it pays to look out for good deals.

For more detailed information on country-specific issues, you can contact the relevant national regulatory authority.

after the implications, different service carriers are expected to give out details as to treat most internet traffic equally. Telecom companies are allowed to add surcharges for their domestic rates during the 14-month period from April 2016.

However there will still be some experience of blockage despite the net neutrality for reasons such as internet security or to counter cyber attacks.



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