Samsung May Beat iPhone This Time! Find Out How We Know..

It’s no secret that iPhone and Samsung have been long term contenders. Apple has always out done its self when it comes to user friendly features. Few years ago iPhone was praised so much so for its battery life that every Tom dick and Harry would buy an iPhone and not some android/google operating system phone.

An online review given by a website called ” The Verge” pledged for Apple again, supporting the reputation, the apple pro website stated, “iPhone is the best smartphone you can buy.”

But according to a report by Business Insider, they seem to disapprove of Apple’s traits, they believe in the opposite of what is praised on about Apple smartphones’ durable battery life. Maybe they spoke too soon? No?


Android manufacturers have been constantly dealing with lithium ion and atomt-thick carbon layers; which is used to improve battery life. Here comes the catch. Samsung smartphones which is the winning contender in android phones is however making progress with graphene for their intended long-run battery life. Their findings were recently published in journal nature;

The silicon carbide-free graphene is the next generation technique for smartphones, it’s battery anodes unparalleled gravimetric capacity. The graphene layers anchored onto the silicon surface accommodate the volume expansion of silicon via sliding process between adjacent graphene layers.
Summary? Scientists working on Samsung smartphones have combined silicon and graphene into one package (one battery) and It will now give you more battery time.

While the research aspect sounds a promising long live battery life we’re concerned for the implementations of this process. They may make matter battery but they still haven’t executed the true key features of a smartphones; microchips.

Welcome to the world of a smartphone user. While manufactures contest with their bestselling feature yet it’s still never satisfactory. For example; they’ll make the device bigger but NOT better, bigger screens, but not better batteries. The consumption of battery will be more, and why? Because the big screen’s light is sucking up your battery.

Perhaps that day is not long from now when the world will not lack perfection in the new generation smartphones. Untill then we buy what they have to offer.


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