Is Facebook scrutinizing you for the Videos you are watching on YouTube? Find Out!

Facebook not only wants to be your unconditional social media addiction but now it wants to captivate you but launching its TV-like features. Facebook is growing bigger and faster when it comes to videos, they plan on catching up on everything that a TV could never do for you. Today Facebook announces their most anticipating feature for the world; a News Feed algorithm change.

The News Feed Algorithm is the new feature that displays additional videos as to the one you might like to see, it is like an advisory feature that highlights not only the videos on full screen mode but a strip of videos that ‘you may like.’ As each person is provided by this feature, based on likes and views the specific video then tends to grow viral. More and more people are suggested to these videos; it is a feature with an echo-effect. The view count has now gone up to 4 billion views than it was 1 billion views in September; the more Facebook understands the ‘demand’ of certain kinds of videos the more likely it is for videos to be circulated thoroughly.

The algorithm has been just few weeks under and factored the important of the video to be ‘interesting’ and tantalizing. Meaning the video should be able to grasp the viewers’ interest by captivating them by their respective contents. To get more News Feed visibility and reach, they’ll now have to be so interesting that people watch them to the end in full-screen in HD.

The update comes just after Facebook overhauled its video analytics offering for Pages. Instead of having to export data to Excel, Page admins now have a dashboard to track views of all videos they’ve shared, measure auto-plays versus click-to-plays, compare time periods, and see their top videos by performance so they know what to share more of.

Let’s point out a very steady advantage for those who are deprived of YouTube facilities and those; for whom Facebook is the only source of information. YouTube might be getting their view count’s back packing.


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