Facebook unsuccessful in eliminating accusations against racism and gender inequality!

Facebook fails to diversify. Why is everyone saying that? They have failed to show diversity in their team, more than half of FB’s employees are WHITE while the rest are make up to 2 percent who are believed to be African Americans working. Facebook recently released their diversity report state results of their efforts to improve racial diversity. (This should be results that have improved their diversification annually)




However taking last year into account when Facebook’s Global Director of Diversity presented their report it included gender and ethnicity which gave a full work up from technical to non technical workforce and senior job levels. The report showed the percentage of the employees as well as those who were from around the globe; in which 57 percent employed are male and were white while only 2 percent were African Americans. It seems there have been no major developments, the report remains to stay the same as last year determining Facebook’s incapability towards cultural and ethnical diversity. Facebok staff is still dominant by white males. It also seems that there have been no changes made in the leadership department as the positions still total for 23 percent, same as last year. While women were given those jobs, it is speculated as a move to contain leadership and dictation of white men only.

The social networking site is aware that they failed to keep their commitment even after investing in training minorities and women so they could apply for higher positions within the company.

Maxine Williams shared her statement, “While we have achieved positive movement over the last year, it’s clear to all of us that we still aren’t where we want to be. There’s more work to do,” Willaims shares this in a blog post.

President and Chief executive of the leadership conference on civil Human rights, Wade Henderson said, “The skills gap still doesn’t account for these disparities. These companies also employ accountants, lawyers, administrative support professionals from other fields where there are massive pools of talents in communities of color.”

Tech companies claim they struggle with improving their workforce diversity due to the qualifications of candidates, an excuse that diversity advocates don’t agree on.



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