A New Painkiller To Combat Opioid Abuse

An experimental painkiller, introduced by Egalet Corp, is less likely to abused when compared to the other form of morphine available in the market.

Egalet Corp conducted study, which proved that people who were used to recreational opioid did not like the new painkiller, and in consequence were less likely to snort it.

Opioids are extreme painkillers that are highly addictive; 5 million people in the U.S are addicted to these medicines. They account for nearly 17000 deaths annually.

Egalet already has two painkillers in the market, officials assured that people would be less likely to abuse Egalet-001, b taking it orally, than another painkiller MS Contin.

The company is all set for its presentation, on Monday, for market approval.

U.S Food and Drug Administration were already in discussion over whether reformulated versions of opioids and other such painkillers would less likely be abused, when Egalet’s study results came out a week later.
Egalet is a Pennsylvania based company and is one of the few companies that are developing painkillers that are hard to crush so they cant be injected or snorted.

Other companies that are developing abuse-deterrent painkillers are Pain Therapeutics Inc, Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc, Durect Corp, IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc, KemPharm Inc.


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