Facebook Allows iOs To Take Advantage, Again!


In the recent turn of events, Facebook wants us all to get expressive and trendy with our photos. Facebook has decided to make it a lot more easier for us to spice up our pictures before uploading it on our profiles.

Zuckerburg and Co. are work in progress for testing their Snapchat™ like filters. This time iOs users will be facilitated by stickers, filters and texts.

Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Select Photo from your camera roll
  2. You will be given few filters which by-the-way are limited at the moment; the list of filters is conclusive of Auto (auto correction of color), Vintage (this filter is amied to give you a sepia effect), Spring (to brighten up images), Summer (to give a gold bean to the color tone of the pictures), Fall (this filter will give you an orange tone), Winter (for a subtleness and muted tone), Snow (the classic B&W- Black and white look).
  3. Added features include a magic wand (currently available to the iOs Facebook App). This feature also included a set of options such as different texts, filters and stickers. This we already have. What else?
  4. If FB’s default sticker selection doesn’t cut it, you can download additional sticker packs named; ‘Pride,’ ‘Summer,’ ‘Vacation’ and ‘Birthday Party.’ These additional sticker packs can be easily added to your photos for free, to add them manually all you have to do it slide them like filters from your fingers and “Taa-daa.”





Here comes the tricky part, there’s not count or confirmation as to how many iOs users have access to this sweet photo editing tools but it’s worth checking it away right now if you’ve got your phone sitting right next to you screaming “edit my photos!”

Facebook is yet to confirm their up-coming features, until then keep your fingers cross and keep a look out for a new tool update.

*According to TechCrunch; Facebook android app already lets their users add text and stickers to your photos but it does not have any filters besides auto-enhance at the moment.


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