Next Apple Watch To Feature Larger Battery! 

While most of us reading this article are die-hard Apple fans. However we must also come to a point and agree what a battery sucking gadget is an iPhone. Here is why you should be happy about Apple’s newest invention, Apple is releasing their brand new feature; the time saving battery strap A.K.A ‘The Reserve Strap’ that is now part of the apple watch which promises to save you 30 hours, no less.


Here are some reasons why you should love their new astounding/life saving feature:

  1. As an Apple watch user you are now free of overcharging your watch, you know the strap is saving you 30 hours, no jokes.
  2. The Reserve Strap has gone through two design changes since its debut in early March. Developers Lane Musgrave and John Arrow have attempted to get the final look and functionality meet expectations.
  3. The strap is also available in 38mm and 42mm casing sizes, promising to fit wrists ranging in sizes between 130mm to 210mm. The final output is 25mm wide, 3-9mm thick, and has a total weight of 65g. Designers scrapped the initial rubber and metallic combination taking on a uniform Thermoset Elastomer Silicone band that is said to be “as resistant to water as Apple Watch.”
  4. The Reserve Strap, which will start shipping at the beginning of November and costs $ 249.99, will give an additional 30 hours of battery life to the device. The company says it has been focused on developing a gadget that enables a user to get maximum utility and enhance the performance of the Apple Watch.
  5. How it works? To begin charging simply press the power button once. The watch may be used during the charging process, which should take around 60-75 minutes. If the user leaves the strap on during use, the Apple Watch will drain the Strap’s power to keep itself at 100 percent, until the Strap dies. The LED will glow green, yellow or red depending on whether the charge is full, partial or not.

ABC News says the band could be a potential “game changer” in terms of battery life, just as some power bank brands have helped extend the battery life of smartphones.


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