NASA’s New Horizon Might Be Able To Estimate The Mass Of Pluto And Its Moons.

NASA’s spacecraft and the team of New Horizon are working together to correct New Horizon’s trajectory and flight time. They have working towards this for two months. This course correction is one of the three advanced planned activities, stated Dr. Bobby Williams, director of space navigation and flight dynamics for KinetX Aerospace.

Although NASA is receiving images of Pluto daily from New Horizon, but the emergence of the flyby will allow New Horizons’ Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) camera to photograph the closest images yet at approximately 7,750 miles from Pluto’s icy surface.

The images in result of the flyby will be clearer and more focused.

Scientists are hopeful that with the new data they will be able to estimate the mass of Pluto an d its moons.

New Horizon will be the first one to have made it this far from Earth, setting it apart from any other space probes.

The decade-long question whether Pluto is part of our solar system or not, would hopefully be answered once New Horizon explores the unknown surface of the planet.

There has been a discovery of a possible bright spot at Pluto’s polar cap, from observance of the latest photos, but the meaning of this bright spot is still under investigation.

Another recent discovery is that Pluto’s small moons are chaotically rotating as at least five moons-Hydra, Kerberos, Nix, Styx, and Charon, surround the dwarf planet.

Astronomers say that one of its moons, Kerberos, is curiously dark.

Charon was discovered in 1978. The four smaller moons were spotted in the last decade.

The knowledge gathered so far has been very limited stated Jeff Moore, member of the New Horizon Team. He felt that it might turn out to be that Charon becomes more geologically interesting than Pluto.

There are also speculations that maybe the probe would finally unmask the mystery of aliens around our solar system.


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