Is Samsung and Microsoft Having soft-ware Conflicts?

Earlier this week Samsung announces its patch-work problems with Microsoft, the Korean company addresses its concern of privacy and software security stating that they have created a software tool which allows Samsung desktops to automatically block any update coming for Microsoft software updates.

Samsung claims that it will stop disabling updates from PCs and tablets, bowing to a chorus of complaints including Microsoft’s that it had interfered with the way users intended the patch service to work on their devices. Samsung’s pledge put an apparent end to the week’s kerfuffle, which began when Patrick Barker, a crash-debugging and reverse-engineering expert, and a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), charged the Korean company with silently changing how Windows Update delivers bug fixes and security patches to customers. Patrick darker updated his blog stating:

“Samsung has a commitment to security and we continue to value our partnership with Microsoft. We will be issuing a patch through the Samsung Software Update notification process to revert back to the recommended automatic Windows Update settings within a few days.”

Now, there is not count as to how many PCs were affected by this move via the Disable_Windowsupdate.exe but it is designed to work of all programs that go from Microsoft XP to the latest widows update, it is suppose to work on all PCs catering different origins and languages. Sources say that the complaint box of Samsung box has been rather full since April. This fix by Samsung did not only hinder software updates but any other day to day security updates against miscellaneous soft wares.

After this Microsoft and Samsung have teamed themselves to address and fix this issue and any other hardware prevailing issues with the software.

The new software patch has been now promised to all Samsung users; aiding them with any malfunctions or bug fixes, rest assured. We’ll take our functioning Windows Updates in either case. If you’re using a Samsung PC and haven’t uninstalled SW Update yet, keep your eyes peeled for an update in the next few days.



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