Santa Barbara Oil Spill went as far as California beaches

A Petroleum pipeline company is claiming that oil from a Santa Barbara oil spill has spread more than 100 miles to Los Angeles County beaches despite measures to control it.

The Houston-based company and state officials stated earlier in the week that oil from the May 19 spill had reached Manhattan Beach, two miles north of Redondo.

And now the company Plains All American Pipeline admits it might be as far away as Redondo Beach.

Federal regulators and prosecutors are investigating the spill of up to 101,000 gallons of crude oil along the scenic shore.

The reports confirm suspicions that the pipe was the source of tar that washed ashore in Los Angeles about a week after the spill. Some of the tar came from other sources, such as natural seeps from the ocean floor, the company said.

Janet Wolf, chair of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, complained about the scarcity of information on the spread of the oil at a state legislative hearing.

Her staff was repeatedly frustrated trying to collect details on the test results from officials leading the spill response and cleanup, she said.

“After being told … that we first could get the results, then we were told we couldn’t get the results, here they are published and no one in our staff … knew about these results coming out,” Wolf said, referring to the information released Friday by the company.

“There is a breakdown in communication,” she said at the hearing in Santa Barbara.


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