Much Awaited Report: Taylor Swift and Better Half Calvin Harris to make Music together!

Riding atop a swan boat in a swimming pool, Taylor Swift and boyfriend Calvin Harris were spotted having a jolly good time this summer. And looks like this jolly time just might get translated into a recordbreaking song towards the end of the year.

Ever since the ‘Shake it Off’ star and the Scottish DJ started going out, they have been plagued by one ultimate question – is there joint music in the making? Finally we get a hint!

“Taylor and Calvin work really well together,” A source revealed to online publication

“They bounce ideas off each other all the time and are planning on collaborating on something epic in the recording studio. It’s in the beginning stages, and will be unveiled before the end of the year.”

With her creativity, star power and his awesome music mixing skills – this song cannot be expected to be anything but an overnight hit!

However, it seems like they don’t really a big, sensational hit to come out on the top. Just a few days ago, Taylor and Calvin were crowned Forbes number 1 highest paid couple – beating Beyonce and Jay-Z out of their throne!

The couple are sure stealing the spotlight away from everyone these days. And it does not appear to be be fake either. Recently, Calvin expressed to the world how proud his is of Taylor for standing up in behalf of all the artists against Apple Music’s free-trial policy.

He even referred to her on his twitter post as ‘my girl’ – sending fans into a sweet frenzy!

Taylor’s Swift cats Meredith and Olivia sure have warmed up to Calvin Harris them while Taylor was away on concert tours. No greater verdict needed. He is part of the family now!


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