Out Now – Tumblr TV For GIFs Lovers!

A red carpet moment surfaces for Tumblr as they introduce Tumblr TV for Tumblr bloggers and community.

The micro-blogging platform Tumblr introduced a new feature that allows its users to share and discover GIFs called; Tumblr TV. The addition is a combination of a search and viewing feature for GIFs, which helps you find the animated images housed on Tumblr and then view them in a full-screen mode. The “TV” part of the feature’s title refers to the fact that the interface offers player controls, like play, pause, forward and backward.

Tumblr TV is available to anyone who wants to use it and has a Tumblr account. The micro-blog has a display of collective of ‘most popular’ GIFs. If any user wishes to use that feature, all they have to do is that first they have to search for their desired GIF or directly access through a URL by doing; choosing to visit Tumblr TV directly by way of the URL tumblr.com/tv. Next, they will be able to observe a relatively small button captioned as ‘TV’ placed right above their search results.

So, what’s so special about Tumblr TV? It enables the user to view their favorite GIFs in Full-view. The GIFs are played on timed-loop automatically changing GIFs from one to another to the next one. As one may move their cursor they can view options; such as see the source for the GIF, its tags, and the player controls, which allow user to cycle back or forward or pause the Tumblr TV experience to remain on the current GIF.

Tumblr representatives stated that they are constantly looking forward to expand the network and exploring ways to do so. The company expresses their continued efforts to support further expansion of access for their signature features – The GIFs

Tumblr is currently available on desktop but it is still work in progress to bring that feature to the next Gen cell phones.



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