‘Force Touch’ is Apple’s next Stunt!

Once again apple seems to be ruling the rumor section on the internet and social media, before reaching the other half of the year Apple is known for viral images of their new mobile models and upgraded features, as the speculation of the product rises so does the delivery date of the product. Apple is soon to come out with not only their next model iPhone 6s but with iPhone 7 too, both of which are expected this September. Social media and internet raves with the talks of new features and unmatchable compatibility of apps. Since Apple has always outdone itself with supporting features and gadgets, the people restlessly await to splurge big amounts.

The new iPhone designs are rumored to have a never-before new feature called ‘Force Touch’ and with that; a pair of magnificently megapixel-ed cameras that everyone loves. Iphones share a strong history of good cameras and compatibility of picture quality with social media.

There have been rumors surfacing the internet with some spoilers and tentative designs of the physicality of the phone promising features such as the Force touch, a feature that apple recently released another MacBook with; this word maybe the new addition to the tech dictionary.  Apple has been eager to include haptic feedback in the displays of its iPhone and iPad lineup for years, according to the rumor mill, and now it’s finally going to with the next-generation iPhone. The Wall Street Journal has claimed, citing unnamed Apple suppliers that Apple plans to add Force Touch sensors to its next iPhones.

What is force touch? It is a new feature designed to sense the exact same pressure applied in your screens. Meaning in other words you’ll be able to touch your iPhone with a higher sensitivity and besides with sliding windows and images.

Since apple gadgets have the reputation sugar, people are relentlessly waiting to swag up their collection with Apple. Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is more often than not referred to as the soothsayer when it comes to predicting Apple Products and his statement make way for Force Touch screen in the upcoming iPhone model.

Another list in the rumor bucket includes a good upgrade of camera pixels. Approximately upto 8 to 12 megapixel cameras maybe coming our way, this gives us good incentive to buy good phones. If Apple, Inc. stays on track and follows its own unprecedented customs, we can very well see a new iPhone variant by September this year.



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