Food Companies Get Orders From Obama Administration To…

Obama Administration has passed order’s for all companies in the food industry to remove trans fat from their production. The government is hopeful that this move will eliminate artificial trans fat from the food supple completely.

Implementation of this order will not affect consumers in terms of taste, but will help decrease coronary heart disease, preventing thousands of potential fatal heart attacks each year.

Companies use trans fats to increase the shelf life of their products whilst scientists have proven that they provide no health benefits, in fact they increase levels of bad cholesterol, decrease good cholesterol and increase risk of heart disease.

The most common cause of death in the U.S is due to heart disease.

Trans fat is hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to make it more solid.

Between 2003 and 2012 use of trans fat decreased by 78% as food companies substituted them with other kind of oils, said the FDA. Once a regular part of the American diet, most artificial tans fats have already gone away.

The United Soybean Board said in a statement that for the past 10 years it has been working on ways to meet the consumer demand. Trans fat have been an active part of the soy industry’s vernacular for decades.

“The FDA’s recent announcement to phase out partially hydrogenated vegetable oils did not come as a shock to soybean farmers,” the board said.

The soybean industry has been working on two replacement options for the past 10 years and now solutions are coming forward.

“THE SOY industry estimates that 2 billion pounds of partially hydrogenated soybean oil are used in food today,” said Jimmy Sneed, a soybean farmer from Hernando, Miss., and USB farmer-leader.

“We’re excited to bring solutions like high oleic and interesterified soybean oil to the market and ready to shift the discussion to innovation.”

Food companies can make use of an oil that soybeans produce, for stability without the use of partial hydrogenation.

Farmers currently grow high-oleic soybeans in nine states, with more acreage being added each year.

Commodity soybeans farmers can help with the solution too. By interesterifying commodity soybean oil, processors create a hard fat which is similar to the considering of margarine, which helps meet the needs for some baking customers.

High oleic soybeans and interesterified soybean oil are solutions brought online to help food companies maintain the taste consumers prefer, while using domestically sourced, sustainable oil.

Common food that contain trans fats are microwave, pie crusts, deep fried food, coffee creamers, frozen pizzas, vegetable shortenings , margarines etc.

If you can’t make the necessary dietary changes to add enough healthy fats to your diet, consider supplementing with Fish-Oil-Wild capsules or krill oil capsules. Another option is Flaxseed oil.


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