Nobel-prize winning scientist Tim Hunt landed in hot water with UCL after sexist comments about Women Scientists – guests laughed at joke

Think before you speak… particularly if you plan on saying something condescending about women scientists. This ain’t the 17, or 18th century when men could get away with their bigoted, sexist statements about women in their field. Times are changing for the opposite gender, and they are now more aware of their rights than ever before.

With a huge majority of women now being highly independent, self-empowered, and following their goals – it’s time to give women the respect they deserve.

This became even more apparent when a Nobel prize-winning scientist Tim Hunt, made a sexist remark about women scientists at a science journalism conference a few weeks back in South Korea, landing him in some serious hot water.

He was forced to resigned from his honorary post at UCL earlier this month following the reaction to comments he made. He claimed women in labs “cry” when criticized and “fall in love” with male counterparts.

The president of University College London has said that Prof Sir Tim Hunt will not be reinstated.

Prof Michael Arthur said that he “regretted” the personal difficulty suffered by Sir Tim, who has been accused of sexism.
But he said his comments about women in laboratories had struck “such a discordant note”.

He said they were at odds with the university’s aim to create a working environment where women felt respected and supported.

Prof Arthur added in a statement in the staff news section of the UCL website that Sir Tim’s offer of resignation was his personal choice and the honourable thing to do.

He said that despite many calls for him to reinstate Sir Tim, there had been “very significant” representations to him not to do so – and not only from women in science.

“Our view is that reversing that decision would send entirely the wrong signal and I have reason to believe that Sir Tim would also not want that to happen,” he said.

His resignation prompted many messages of support for Sir Tim from scientists, including many Nobel prizewinners calling for his reinstatement.

Professors Richard Dawkins, the popular evolutionary biologist and author, described criticism of Sir Tim as a “witch-hunt”

But Prof Arthur said in his statement that “an honorary appointment is meant to bring honour both to the person and to the university”.

“Sir Tim has apologised for his remarks, and in no way do they diminish his reputation as a scientist.

“However, they do contradict the basic values of UCL – even if meant to be taken lightly – and because of that I believe we were right to accept his resignation.

“Our commitment to gender equality and our support for women in science was and is the ultimate concern.”



  1. Nicholas says

    We now live in a time when people are persecuted for thought-crime; where truth can never be spoken if it contradicts the prevailing sociopolitical propaganda being churned out through the various media outlets around the western world. It is a time where sexual deviancy is applauded and promoted; while heterosexual males are taught self-hatred from childhood. where women are indoctrinated into denying their own instincts for the sake of a vacuous materialistic culture that intends only to extract until there is nothing left but empty husks of people.
    No one cares to listen to true independent thinkers – most are content to huddle together in their respective cults – whether they be judeo-christian or socialist-progressive the result is the same – weak minded drones who simply sway to the tune of their respective pied pipers. What fools western people have become.

  2. John Ji says

    We live in such a politically correct world these days. Say something — anything — negative about a female and it’s wrong. Really? What if he spoke the truth? I know, irrelevant.

  3. Dave says

    “The evolutionary biologist and author, Prof Richard Dawkins, described criticism of Sir Tim as a ‘witch-hunt’”

    The only time I have ever agreed with Dawkins about anything.

  4. Susan Fowler says

    If he had said that men “cry when criticized” and “fall in love” with female counterparts would he have been forced to resign? Isn’t the problem that he told the truth?

  5. Victor says

    The story is scandalous: if the work of Prof. Hunt has been beneficial for his colleagues then his dismissal hurts them (including women scientists) and I expect his colleagues (again including women scientists) voice their support of him.

    The truly strong independent woman scientist would just dismiss Prof. Hunt’s unfortunate words laughing.

  6. Woodwind says

    Hunt can join Clarkson, Hammond, and May somewhere the Politically Correct thought police haven’t yet turned into a feminized doily factory. A place where men are men, whiskey is single malt, and engines growl.

  7. J says

    I would assume then that if a woman said something disparaging of men, she would also have her career ruined?
    AHAHAHA just kidding. We all know guys wouldn’t give it 2 seconds of attention. Only “strong independent women” piss their panties at every childish insult.

  8. Yozz says

    The newest reports show Connie St Louis account is deliberately misleading, he made a joke then went on to praise women in science.
    She is a liar (see her C.V it is full of lies and misleading information) and has an agenda, she was paid £50.000 to write a book 10 years ago.. but still has not written it!!
    Too many deceptive SJW snides in the media to trust anything they say.

  9. stambo2001 says

    Wait, women don’t cry when criticized? Er, does anyone notice the irony here at all?

    Timmy said something that upset women…and they were so upset they forced his resignation. Now the university loses a Nobel Award winning scientist all in the name of the overt PC thought police. Fact is, and most truthful women will admit it, that at least for a couple days a month (at least until menopause) their hormonal state can be completely out of whack. Yeah I know, fact, truth, and reality are bigoted to the progressive mind.

    Women (and men) don’t fall for co-workers? Riiight!

    • Brian Steere says

      I do not see this incident as a criticism of women. I am not on familiar terms with Timothy Hunt, but from what I read this was a humorous attempt taken out of context.

  10. C says

    Connie St Loius self-identifies as an award-winning journalist. It doesn’t matter that the only “award” she’s ever won was essentially an advance to allow her to find the time to write a book that, 10 years later, remains unwritten. It doesn’t matter that her published output is poorly written. It doesn’t matter that she has embellished her CV. She feels she is a talented scholar and who are you or anyone else to question her feelings.

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