End Of Yet Another Relationship For Britney Spears; Charlie Still Not Over Her!

This week is suddenly the most happening week for this pop singer; she was honoured with a key to Las Vegas strip and some tantalizing updates for her fans about her famous man – Charlie Ebersol


The famous pop singer, Britney and Entrepreneur Charlie Ebersol have been sharing their romance in the lights of media for about 8 months now. The couple started dating back in October 2014 have recently called it quits on their relationship. The couple was spotted together a month back at the Billboard Music Awards. Both ended their relationship without any drama or hard feelings but it seems one of them isn’t over it yet. A reliable source shared with the media about what Charlie had to say for his ex-lady love. 

“He’s been pretty torn up about all of this. He really thought she could be the one. He is a very private family guy and saw Britney fit right in.”

We feel you Charlie.  

Charlie is an entrepreneur, producer, and an athlete, a very family oriented man, a father of two sons. Sources close to the Ebersol family claim to say ‘this was going to happen, they’re still friends.”

Britney known for endless trail of failed relationship posted many pictures on social media with Charlie’s family and her love for her new found man. Ebersol source also adds on “Everyone thought he might end up asking her to marry him. It just faded away they moved apart.” Another source stated “Relationships are hard. Sometimes they don’t work out. These are two very busy people leading two very busy lives. They’re focusing on other priorities right now.”


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