Randy Rogers Narrates The Tragic Story Of His Daughter’s Demise!

While talking to People magazine, the country star revealed the tragic turn of events that took his new born daughter away.

The husband, and wife Chelsea welcomed their third daughter, Rumen Rain into the world on June 3rd but very soon she was diagnosed with a very rare brain condition called nonketotic hyperglycinemia. The condition affects 1-in-66,000 newborns in the U.S. each year.

“She wouldn’t eat and she wouldn’t wake up. She was very lethargic, she never opened her eyes. We kept getting assurances from the doctors and nurses – a lot of babies think they’re still in mommy’s belly and they don’t want to wake up for a day or eat – but then Rumer went to the NICU about eight hours after her birth. They started running test after test and nothing was wrong with her. It was a six-day process. It was heart-wrenching and grueling not knowing what was wrong. She was put on a feeding tube pretty early on because she couldn’t eat or swallow, then she decided to stop breathing and we had to put her on a vent.”

“Chelsea and I always thought that we were two peas in a pod. Turns out literally we are, genetically; we have the same exact recessed gene. The odds are astronomical… We’ll just have to do in vitro fertilization. There will need to be genetic screening and genetic testing done before the implantation of the fertilized egg. It’s given us a lot of joy and hope knowing that it is possible for us to do this; it’s just going to have to be a different route than the traditional one.”

Randy made the heartbreaking announcement on Facebook just days after sharing a sweet photo of his new baby girl.

According to NewsOXY, the couple had been planning a memorial in honor of their daughter. The couple has said wonderful things about being able to be with their little girl around the clock for the six days of her life, and say that they are “passionate” about hospitals having systems in place that give parents support in times of need.


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