Parasites In Swimming Pools And Hot Tubs Are Causing…

Pools and hot tubs were the cause of 90 outbreaks of illnesses in the U.S between 2011 and 2012, a number which has now significantly increased.

Statistic taken from a report published on the outbreaks, by The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, which observed 32 states and Puerto Rico, led to 1,788 cases, 95 hospitalizations, and 1 death.

Officials reported that half of these incidents were linked with treated recreational water; pools and hot tubs and were caused by cryptosporidium, a parasite found in fecal matter that causes diarrhea.

The first signs and symptoms of cryptosporidium infection, reported by the Mayoclinic, usually appear within a week after infection and may include:

– Watery diarrhea.
– Dehydration.
– Lack of appetite.
– Weight loss.
– Stomach cramps or pain.
– Fever.
– Nausea.
– Vomiting.

CDC stated that it’s a large increase since the first cryptosporidium-related outbreak was detected in 1988.
According to CBS News, the CDC issued a 2014 report that recommends the installation of ultraviolet light, ozone, or some other supplemental disinfectant to kill germs like cryptosporidium.

CDC has urged all swimming facilities and swimmers to take the following precautions:

– Do not enter the water if you have diarrhea.
– Make sure to shower first before you get in the water.
– Don’t pee or poop in the water.
– Don’t swallow the water.


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