Dallas Mom Loses One Eye After Contact With Flesh Eating Bacteria During Mud Run!

A young mother went blind after catching the flesh-eating bacteria in her eye. Brittany Williams who is a mother to a beautiful baby girl works two jobs; she contracted the disease during a mud run in Dallas.Initially what she thought to be mud or debris itching her eye turned about to be far more dangerous, by the next morning she could only see white from her left eye.

“The whole room was white” Brittany Williams told WTOC.com

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A mother with two jobs but no health insurance, Williams spent a week in the hospital. She now faces $100,000 in medical bills and her family is raising money through a GoFundMe account for her treatment so that the bacteria can be stopped from spreading.

“You don’t think you’re going to go to the doctor and someone’s going to say you owe $3,000 for eye drops, “Williams told CBS news.

According to the report, debris may have cut her eye allowing the flesh-eating bacteria to destroy her cornea.
“It just completely melted off my eye,” Williams said.

“You have to stay awake, and they like take scissors and cut,” Williams told WTOC.com of the treatment.
Despite her painful ordeal, Williams has remained optimistic.

“Even though people go through horrible things, I make the best of it. Because there’s no point in sitting and sulking, because it’s just going to make the rest of my days miserable,” she said.

Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare infection that’s often described as a condition involving “flesh-eating bacteria.” It can be fatal if not treated promptly. Necrotizing fasciitis spreads quickly and aggressively in an infected person. It causes tissue death at the infection site and beyond.

Williams is also on antibiotics to help control the infection.
Doctors have given Williams by telling her that she will be able to gain back her vision through surgery, now she just has to gather the funds for it.


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