‘Isradipine’ aids In Fighting Cocaine And Alcohol Addiction

In an interesting study scientists have now found out that blood pressure medication can help in decreasing chances of relapses by erasing memories in the subconscious that trigger addiction. Amazingly the experimental drug has successfully cured cocaine and alcohol addiction in a series of experiments.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already approved the drug.

This study is proving that drug addicts simply lack willpower in terms of fighting addiction. If the memories of the addiction are erased from their brains they find it easier to quit.

This study was led by Hitoshi Morikawa, an associate professor of neuroscience at University of Texas, Austin.

The experiment conducted was to train the rats to create a link between either a black room or a white room and the use of a certain drug.Now when the rats were given a choice between two rooms; they almost always choose the room that linked with their addiction.

Proving the fact that people who are addicted and go through environmental experiences such as the people they associated with at the time, the sights, and the sounds they heard etc. are all major causes for relapses.

One of the drivers of alcohol and drug addiction is the powerful and enduring memories of the triggers – the people, places, sights and sounds that lead up to and surround episodes of substance use. Encounters with such powerful cues are recognized as primary reasons for relapse, reported by MNT.

“The isradipine erased memories that led them to associate a certain room with cocaine or alcohol,” said Morikawa.


So scientists concluded that when these channels of associations are blocked with the help of isradipine, it appears to rewind the rewiring that underlies memories of addiction- associated places.

A treatment based on this latest research, however, would be much more effective, said Morikawa, targeting the associations an addict has with the experience leading up to taking a drug.

“Many addicts want to quit, but their brains are already conditioned. This drug might help the addicted brain become de-addicted,” he said.



  1. Rum3Bär says

    When ur body and brain is conditioned u’ll need yrs to let it go….
    With this medication the brain condition is erased when the medicine
    take effect…

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