‘Fasting Mimicking Diet’ Improves Health; Reduces Aging, Diabetes and Heart Diseases!

Update: The research further reveals fasting can greatly reduce the chances of aging, diabetes and other heart diseases as confirmed by Dr. Donald Hensrud M.D.

“Fasting Mimicking Diet” was introduced by University of Southern California researchers and they proved that people who fasted for three months had incredibly reduced their risk for aging, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. This great news for dieters because not only does one end up losing weight but gains all these health benefits along with it. It is pretty simple that eating less will obviously make you lose weight but it is amazing that you get to reprogram your body into a healthier version of it.

Researchers first conducted their study on a group of mice and then did a study on a small group 37 people out of which 19 people who tried the “fast mimicking diet” and 18 people were on a normal diet. The 19 people ate a diet which consisted of half the normal calorie intake, 12% protein, 44% carbs and 44% fat. For three consecutive months they were on the diet, dieting for five days in a row every month. The rest of the month they ate whatever they felt like.

The purpose of the diet is to decrease a certain hormone in the body called IGF-I, which is the hormone behind aging and making the body vulnerable to cancer. At the end of three months the “fast mimicking dieters’ had low risk factors to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and aging.

Fasting alone is much more powerful in preventing and reversing some diseases than medicines and drugs, stated co-author Satchidananda Panda.

Researchers are planning to have larger studies on this diet in hopes of getting FDA to approve it. This involves testing the efficacy of the diet in 60-70 participants, before moving to a clinical trial with 500-1,000 participants.

Researchers said that this is the first non-chronic clinically testes anti-aging and health promoting intervention shown to work.

The researchers also stated that since this diet is a complex and strict one, people should first consult a doctor before beginning this diet.



  1. Lillian says

    The fasting diet can only help you for a very short period of time because if you’re thinking of following it for a longer period of time, your body would be starving and therefore your body would not be able to carry on with the normal functions. I have tried the fasting diet before as well and felt very weak and did not lose weight as well.

    The only way in which you can lose weight is to follow a proper balanced diet and do not starve yourself. I followed the diet of lisa plog and lost over 22 pounds. This is the same diet which was followed by lisa plog on social media weight loss journey. Google for “lisa plog diet plans” and you would be able to find a diet plan.

    Fasting actually induces artificial scarcity of resources in your body and that is why it is having a lot of side effects.

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