Due to Storms and Weather Change ‘Aurora Borealis’ Northern Lights were seen from Long Island!

You might have seen them in movies or amazing documentaries on Nature – they are a sight to behold! However, these beautiful, vibrant and fascinating ‘Aurora Borealis’ or ‘northern lights’ can also now be seen from Long Island.

“Typically, we don’t see the northern lights at this latitude, or at this time of year either. It’s usually in the winter,” said Joe Pollina, a meteorologist in the Upton office of the National Weather Service.

Weather occurences such as storms and changing patterns of climate can make these lights visble in areas they normally aren’t visible in. For instance, in the March of this year a father and son spotted the Northern lights in Nantucket.

“I’m not surprised given the level of space weather activity we saw in the past day or so,” he said, noting there were “lots of great auroral sightings.”

His son shot some still photographs, while Hinson recorded about 185 exposures for his seven-second time-lapse video.


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