Should Teens and Adolescents Be Restriced To Social Media? ‘Cyber Bullying’ Is Causing Major Depression!

Adolescents are the biggest target for cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when a teen or a child is targeted through the internet and tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated and embarrassed by another teen or child.A definate link has been found between cyber bullying and depression in adolescents.

Researchers, after reviewing 36 studies, found that nearly a 25% of children aged between 12 to 18 have been bullied at some point through social media. This in turn resulted in increased depression amongst them, Health Day reported.
Lead researcher, Michele Hamm stated that often the victims of bcyber bullying are hesitant in telling anyone.

Involvement of adolescents, parents, teachers and health care professionals is necessary along with setting prevention and management efforts.

Social media is ever so popular with the youth today and the harms that come along with it have to be looked into, said Hamm.

The study found that cyber bullying caused depression which the girls were most likely to be victims of. This kind of bullying was found to be common to arise from relationships. There was a significant pattern viewed between depression and cyber bullying.

Hamm found no clear correlation between cyber bullying and suicide.

“The associations between cyber bullying and anxiety and self-harm were inconsistent,” Hamm is quoted as saying by HealthDay. “Except for one, all of the studies that we found were only looking at relationships at one point in time, so it isn’t known whether there is a long-term impact of cyber bullying on kids’ mental health.”

Parents should keep a friendly and open communication environment with their kids, cyber bullying can be very damaging at its worst.

Hamm felt that children are not aware that they can do anything about cyber bullying or that they can get help, so it is very important to educate them on how to address it and who to go to.


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