Could Mars Previously Be Home To An Ancient Civilization?

A stunning raw NASA image of a pyramid on Mars surface has once again fuelled speculation that Mars used to be the home of an alien civilization.

The astounding image of the Martian pyramid was captured on May 7 by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover, striking a peculiar likeness to the Great Egyptian Pyramid, and form part of the image being relayed back from Curiosity Rover, Exopolitics reported.

The Martian pyramid is about the size of a “small car” but Mars enthusiasts speculate it as only the “capstone” of a gigantic pyramid that once towered on the Martian surface but is buried by eons of sand.

The precision, shape and lines of the pyramid make it  unlikely that the shape may be some fluky anomaly worn away from a random Martian rock, said Exopolitics. Additionally, this Mars pyramid image belongs to one of the very clearest images captured on Mars as proof of artificial structure which points to evidence of a civilization with the capacity to build a pyramid could have once existed on Mars.

The image was captured by the Curiosity Rover with the use of its “Right Mastcam on Sol 978 (May 7).”

Strangely enough, the next photos taken by the Curiosity Rover in the next few minutes after the initial photo that captured the pyramid was taken did not include the pyramid, instigating more speculation.

Star Pulse said that conspiracy theorists are pointing to the lack of follow-up photos of the pyramid on Mars as proof of NASA’s avoidance in providing proof that life and a probable advance civilization may have existed on Mars long ago, or probably even now.

With this captured raw NASA image of a pyramid structure on Mars by the NASA Curiosity Rover, the Mars pyramid is raising more eyebrows and more speculations on the mysteries about probable life on Mars.





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