Candy Flavored Hookah Like E-Cigarettes – The New Trend In China

In China, manufacturers have got a new strategy to attract young smokers to electronic –cigarettes. The ‘vaping’ habit is quite the trend in the nation and is getting children hooked on to the habit along the lines of e-hukka in the US. Vaping is enhaling water vapor through a personalized vaporizer (the vaper’s tobacco-free version of the traditional cigarette). Vaping is an alternative to smoking.

Research tells us that world’s largest producer and consumer of tobacco are the Chinese. Half of Chinese men are addicted to smoking and they start of on this habit at the age of 11 and under.

As of now there are no statistics available for the sale of e-cigarettes. In China, the people are not looking at electronic cigarettes as means to quit smoking, its more of a trend. Manufacturers are interested in targeting the women and children for their products.

An electronic cigarette is a cigarette-shaped device containing a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled, used to imitate the experience of smoking tobacco.

A new product has hit the market, candy flavored e-cigarette, and its placed in the market for 15-20 Yuan, easily in the children’s reach. Officials are worried that the popularity of e-cigarettes in China is increasing before any awareness of tobacco’s dangers can become widespread.

The electronic smoking manufacturers would love to get cigarette smokers to become addicted to their device, moving the profits from Big Tobacco to Big Vaper.

Hong Kong offers 8,000 different flavors of e-cigarettes and researchers at Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health have warned that e-cigarettes targeting the youth could eventually lead to a tobacco epidemic.

This habit is not only restricted to China, In the U.S vaping habit has also become quite the topic of discussion. Experts feel that these candy flavored e-cigarettes are a way to hook on the younger generation onto their product.



  1. Vanessa Lopez says

    This is the reason for us to fear that Half of Chinese men are addicted to smoking and they start of on this habit at the age of 11 and under. Products manufacturer should make anti smoking products for save china.

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