North Koreans have Discovered the Cure for AIDS, Ebola, MERS and SARS, Claim unsubstantiated


North Korea made an astounding announcement today claiming they have created a drug which allegedly cures and prevent AIDS, Ebola, MERS and SARS.

The claim was made by the country’s state news organization and official Korean Central News Agency.

“Virus infections like SARS, Ebola, and MERS are diseases that are related to immune systems, so they can be easily treated by Kumdang-2 injection drug, which is a strong immune reviver,” said the agency.

Kumdang-2, according to the drug website, is “a herbal medicine extracted from Kaesong Koryo insam (ginseng) cultivated in Kaesong DPR Korea by applying rare-earth molecular fertilizer.”

But, despite the announcement, no evidence of the miracle cure so far was provided, eliciting skepticism among many.

North Korea’s claim comes following rival country South Korea’s intense battle with MERS. Since May 20, when the  first case was reported 166 cases have been confirmed with a  death toll totaling 24.


But, in spite of  the spread of the virus to Eastern Asia, CNN reports that Kwon Deok-cheol, a Ministry of Health and Welfare official leading the MERS task force, said on Friday that the disease appears to have “leveled off.”

“Looking at the current trend, we have judged that situation has leveled off.  But as I’ve mentioned earlier, we need to watch for further spread,” said the North Korean Minister.

WHO also called the MERS outbreak a “wake-up call,” earlier this week.

WHO declared on their website. “All countries should always be prepared for the unanticipated possibility of outbreaks of this, and other serious infectious diseases. The situation highlights the need to strengthen collaboration between health and other key sectors, such as aviation, and to enhance communication processes.”




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