Bird Flu Will Worsen If USDA Faces Budget Cuts Of $500 Million

Bird flu, as the name states, is a viral infection that affects birds and can be transmitted from bird to bird and can affect humans. Humans are known to be affected through handling of infected chicken, turkeys, ducks etc. It cannot be transmitted through consumption of cooked chicken or cooked eggs. Signs and symptoms of bird flu as reported in humans are high temperature, aching muscles, headaches, cough, runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, chest pain and bleeding from mouth and nose. Many of the cases are fatal.

Senator Charles Schumer of New York states that cutting $500 million from the U.S Department of Agriculture budget would intervene in the department’s efforts to fight bird flu and also would mean higher price tags for eggs.
The average price of eggs is up 50% this year because of bird flu as stated by The New York Democrat at a news conference outside a Manhattan supermarket.

Schumer expressed his concerns over the effect on the rise of price for eggs on the restaurants, store owners, bakers, consumer’s etc.

10% of all laying hens have been affected with the virus nationwide.

If the USDA is cut off from $500 million worth of funds they will not be able to combat the epidemic stated the Senator as he urged Congress to stop the proposed cuts.

“In one of the dumbest moves Washington has made, at a time when bird flu is going through the roof, they’re dramatically slashing the one program we have to prevent it, the one program we have to stop its spread,” Schumer told reporters, including WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond.

The senator said vaccination development and bio security measures could be slashed.


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