Fitbit One: Research Says Great New Way To Lose Weight

Recently launched into the market and already creating quite a stir, the Fitbit One system is a health and well being chronometer. Scientists are particularly interested because of the high price tag that comes along with it, since there are many varieties available in the market at much cheaper rates. So what makes this different? Available in the market for a $100, it comes in many fashionable colors and design.


The Fitbit One tracker is guaranteed to make ladies improve their bodily exercise; it has been researched to have proven better than the standard pedometers. Research was conducted by the University of Wisconsin- Madison.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine’s research reveals that postmenopausal ladies who use Fitbit One have an extra intense bodily exercise than usual.


A survey was conducted which included 51 obese postmenopausal ladies, they were told to watch their own bodily exercise over a period of 4 weeks. They were asked to walk 10,000 steps daily and have an intense body workout of 150 minutes every week.

All the ladies were given accelerometers so that the resreacher could track their results. 50% of the ladies were given ordinary pedometers and rest of the 50% were given Fitbit One trackers.

The results concluded that the ladies who used Fitbit One walked an additional 789 steps and they also increased the time they spent on their intense body workout by one whole hour. The ladies who were using the norm al pedometers dint show any increase in their steps or workout.

Lisa Cadmus Bertram from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department was the leading the research and she concluded that ladies need a health tracker system, like Fitbit One, to enhance the body workouts.

How it works is that it sets new goals for the lady and every time that objective is reached with success, Fitbit One congratulates her and sets a new goal for her. It’s this positive feedback which results in motivation and makes individuals strive harder.

Lisa Camdus also stated that even thought the results are great but such health trackers also have limitations, it might be a very exciting device for behavioral sciences but it cannot do the work for you, it’s a way of making the whole process simpler and enjoyable.


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