Septicemic Plague Causes Sudden Death after 16-Year Old’s Birthday

According to health officials, a grade 11 student suddenly died after contracting a rare plague strain.

While health officials investigate, rumor has it that the recently deceased student, Taylor Gaes, caught the disease, believed to be septicemic plagues, from the fleas on animals from his family’s land. According to Larimer Count Health officials, this incident took Place at Cherokee Park, near Livermore and northwest of Fort Collins. While Septicemic plague is rare in humans, cases of the disease are often quickly fatal as the bacteria enters directly into the bloodstream.

Anyone who has visited the family’s residence to maintain vigilance as Gaes died only a day after his birthday.

According to Larimer health officials last Friday, “There is a small chance that others might have been bitten by infected fleas, so anyone who was on the family’s land in the last seven days should seek medical attention immediately if a fever occurs.”

While Gaes is the first confirmed victim of that plague since 1999, another resident in Weld County was reported to be infected in 2004. These alarming incidences has made the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment team up with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



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