Falcon 9 Spacecraft: The only Product of 21st Century Technology

Would you be shocked if I told you that there’s only been one spacecraft that’s been developed and designed in the 21st century? Falcon 9, SpaceX’s two-stage rocket is designed to bring up satellites along with their Dragon spacecraft into the Earth’s orbit.

The rocket was designed with the success and safety of the Falcon 9 in mind.

The rocket was designed to have use a minimal number of separation events along with nine first-stage Merlin engines to get the ship up to speed. With nine engines, even if two of them should fail, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 can still soldier on.

SpaceX has been quite busy. In 2012, they became known as the first ever commercial company to dock with the International space station.

Despite these flights being unmanned, the goal SpaceX is working towards is getting people into space by using the Dragon’s pressurized capsule. Also, currently, Space X has completed eight of their attempted eight missions. That’s a success rate of 100%.

Perhaps SpaceX will be the leading company when we finally look to the stars and try to grab ourselves some of the cosmic pie. Or maybe they’ll fizzle out and leave another company in charge.

Only time will tell.



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