Mass Shooter Dylann Roof Found With Drug Suboxone

On June17th 2015 nine people were killed during a mass shooting that took place in one of USA’s oldest black churches, the shooter was identified as Dylann Storm Roof.

Last February Dylann was arrested on charges of trespassing at a mall in Columbia, South Carolina. During the arrest police stated that he had a pack of thin orange strips on him, which he admitted it being oral version of the drug Suboxone.

The police charged Dylann for felony possession because he did not have a prescription for the drug.
Dylann’s class fellows said that he had a drug habit, was a “pill popper” and told “racist jokes”, as reported by CBS news correspondent Adraina Diaz.

Investigators are looking through Dylann’s background for more information from his past behavior and hoping experts can shed some light on the drug he was possessing.

Suboxone is a brand name of a narcotic that is milder in comparison to drugs such as oxycontin, heroin and vicodin, but is in the same category. Available in two forms – pill or thin film strips (which was the form Dylann was carrying).


Opiate addicts can use Suboxone to fight the addiction and are able to do so without having the need to go to methadone clinics. That’s why it’s also referred to as “middle class methadone”.
Clinically safer than heroin or methadone, but if not taken in the prescribed quantity Suboxone can be just as dangerous and addictive as these other drugs, as stated by Dr. Eric Wish, the Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Research at the University of Maryland.

opiate addiction

Addicts tend to show behavioral patterns of unpredictable mood swings, manipulative behaviors, lying and evading responsibility. Information from The National Alliance of Advocates of Buprenorphine Treatment.

Sunoxone consists of :
– 3 parts of Opiate buprenorphine ( milder and safe than other opiates)
– 1 part naloxone (an overdose antidote, making users sick if they try to shoot it up with a syringe.

Suboxone is to be prescribed only by physicians treating patients for opiate addiction. But this narcotic is growing in the black market. Dr. Terry Furst of John Jay College of Criminal Justice pointed it out as a drug being sold to “weekend warriors” ( first timers in the world of drug use).

Furst who has been studying this drug, explains that for the people using it to treat themselves for opiate addiction it is a milder drug for them but the for the people using it for the first time Suboxone gives them a high that can last up to 8 hours.

Suboxone side effects on first time drug users :
– Flu-like symptoms
– Headaches
– Sweating
– Sleeping Disorders
– Nausea
– Mood swings
– Pupil dilation
– Irritable
– Depression
Suboxone users are known to mix the drug with alcohol, valium or other such depressants so they can experience extreme feelings of euphoria.

Dr. Samuel A. Ball, CEO and President of CASA Columbia, stated that patients just want to keep the high going so they continue using Suboxone just because there’s a supply on the street and it’s the easiest thing to get.

An increase has been seen in seizures of buprenorphine drugs from 2003 – 2010, they have gone from 90 to 10,537 packages. This onfromation was obtained from The National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS), which the DEA uses to monitor diversion.

It may be a drug good for curing addiction but the harmful misuse is there and not enough is being done to combat the negative consequences.


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