Fighting Back Against Prostate Cancer on Father’s Day: Len Gross


Prostate cancer is no laughing matter. The diagnosis can shatter the life of many, rendering them mentally scarred. Len Gross knows this well, getting diagnosed with a life shattering cancer in 1992.

Reeling from the psychological impact, Gross had to put a stop to some of his big plans. But cancer leaves physical scars, too. The husband from Burnaby then had to receive a surgery that left him impotent for the rest of his life.

To add to the list of problems he was facing was a stress related incontinence issue.

Some people just give up after hardship, but Gross didn’t. Instead, he helped found the Prostate Cancer Foundation B.C. and the Canadian Prostate Cancer Network. He’s also leads the Vancouver prostate cancer support group, is the chairman of the organization’s speaker group, and still walks—he is 81—in the yearly Father’s Day walk/run near Burnaby Lake.

The walk/run that Gross has organized for more than 17 years has earned more than $2 million and has helped the lives of many patients. However, time doesn’t stand still for anyone. After the June 21st of this year, Gross will be surrendering his post to Kevin Tam, a young scientist at the Vancouver Prostate Centre.




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