Venus Express Probe Discovered Venus Contains Active Volcanoes!

A lot of information that has been found about Venus has come from visuals of the outside spectrum and comparisons with other planets, because the surface of Venus is not entirely visible due to it being engulfed with a thick cloud layers. Venus’s surface is so hot that very few probes make it to the surface (by the Soviet Union). If these probes survive till they reach the surface they barely last an hour.

Despite this restriction we can still learn a lot.

The European Space Agency’s Venus Express probe has found Venus to contain active volcanoes. Scientist’s explanation of the process through which they discovered that the areas of volcanic activity which indicate lava flows on the planet is published in Geophysical Research Letters.


Through the infrared visuals and data sent back from the Venus Express probe, the scientists were able to examine the changes in the surface brightness of the planet.

That meant a significant increase in surface temperature in a short time something that indicates lava flows.

Other evidences also support this claim. Scientists, with the help of a radar, have been able to identify that the activity is happening near the tectonic rift plates. Just like Earth, the temperature changes daily on Venus which is a cause of volcanic activity. Another indication is the concentration of sulfur dioxide suddenly increasing which is also occurs on Earth after a volcanic eruption.

Keeping in mind all these evidences Venus is a string candidate for active volcanoes, and these volcanic eruptions cause lava flows on the planets surface.

Venus is many ways resembles the Earth and can provide scientists key insights about planetary evolution moving forward.

“Now Venus can be included the small club of volcanically active Solar System bodes” Håkan Svedhem, an ESA scientist, said in a statement.



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