Humanity Headed For Extinction ?

Scientists claim that humans might be heading for a sixth global extinction.

The journal Science Advances published an analysis of the catastrophic loss of global biodiversity. There have been warnings since decades and the loss has risen to the kind of scale witnessed during the five previous global extinctions, the last one being when the dinosaurs were killed.

Even with modest calculations, our species are disappearing 100 times faster than the normal rate between mass extinctions, known as the ‘background rate’.

Gerardo Ceballos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, led a team to research this concern. The team doubled the background rate for the previous extinctions and for the cureent rate they used conservative accounts taken from International Union for Conservation of Nature.

They found that since the1900 the extinction rate has been 8 to 100 times higher than expected background rate. The last several decades accounting for the major losses leading to the severity of the crisis.

In the amphibians alone, 34 extinctions are known while more than a 100 species have vanished since1980.
Industrialization, deforestation and other human factors have led to the biodiversity loss.


Ceballos warns the humans will be extinct because of their own causes. However Ceballos gives some hope. He states that immediate measures taken to conserve the endangered species, protection of their habitat, reduce exploitation for economic gain and climate change, all factors related to human population size and growth which greatly increases consumption.


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