900 nurses go on strike in Newton Wellesley hospital – protest against contract

The labor union has issued a statement after filing the required 10-day notice for their intention on going on a strike. The MNA says ongoing negotiations have been “fruitless” and 90 percent of local members approved to strike.

“Partners has decreased core RN staffing levels on a number of floors and increased the floating of nurses to cover for staffing shortages — a dangerous plan that is creating unsafe patient assignments for nurses, while also depriving patients of the specialized care they need to be safe during their hospital stay,” the statement reads in part. “In addition to cutting care for patients, the hospital is seeking to further boost its profit margin by cutting the nurses’ health insurance, time off and overtime benefits.”

Nurses and members of the Massachusetts Nurses Association have announced they plan to go strike for 24 hours starting June 30, at 7 a.m. to protest contentious contract negotiations. And the strike is said to continue the next day too.

The nurses plan to picket in front of the hospital and Partners HealthCare corporate headquarters at Boston’s Prudential Center.


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