NASA To Celebrate Mars’ New Year

NASA scientists and Mars experts are all together in the town of Mars, Pennsylvania to celebrate Mar’s New Year – June 18th 2015. The party will last for three days and there will be a press conference at 3pm EDT (1900 GMT) which everyone can catch live on courtesy of NASA TV.

This party will include all Mar’s themed activities by NASA , it is to inspire young children to gain interest and pursue careers in science and technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, all the fields required by the space agency in its pursuit of the Red Planet.

The invited speakers at the press conference include Jim Green who is NASA’s director of planetary science. Green is also a technical consultant in the upcoming movie “The Martian” because of his knowledge in Red Planets exploration.

The event will take place at this flying saucer spaceship monument in Mars, Pennsylvania on June 19th 2015.

spaceship monument

A year on Mars is twice as long as a year on Earth because the Red Planet takes twice as long to orbit the sun. This year the Martian New Year starts on June 19, 2015.

NASA activities for this event will include:
– A “blast-off” dinner
– A talk about the music of Mar’s
– A performance by Mars Jump Rope Team
– Rocket Launch (depending on weather)

NASA has an Orion spacecraft under development, with this spacecraft NASA hopes to land a human on Mars or bring humans further into the solar system.

Currently NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity and India’s Mars Orbiter continue to drive across the Martian terrain.


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