Sinkholes On Earth Found To Be Similar To Lakes On Titan?

Saturn has many moons; its largest moon called Titan, has now been founded to have many common things to Earth. Titan like Earth, has rainfalls, rivers, oceans, a thick atmosphere, rocky ground and in a new discovery it also has polar winds.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been researching Titan since 2004 and has collected data over a period of 23 flybys. The escaping particles released charges that were captured by Cassin’s Plasma Spectrometer (CAPS)
Titan is the first know planet after Earth to have such polar wind, although Mar’s and Venus are also strong candidates.

Andrew Coates, of University College London Mullard Space Science Laboratory stated that Titans atmosphere is created mostly by nitrogen and methane but unlike Earth the pressure at Titans surface is 50% greater. Coates spoke about the research data collected from CAPS to having proven that the top of Titans atmosphere is releasing seven tons of hydrocarbons and nitrogen gases daily, and a few years ago the reason for this was unknown.

Recent data collection provides an answer to this question. The answer came in the form of electrons with energy, which the scientists knew can come about when a particle interacts with a light source.

Now what could the light source be since Titan is 10 times further away from the Sun than the Earth is, but actually Titans upper atmosphere still gets coated with sunlight. As the sunlight comes into contact with Titans ionosphere, it ejects negatively charges electrons out of hydrocarbon and nitrile molecules leaving a positively charged particle behind.

Saturn’s magnetic field draws these newly created electrons away causing them to form an electrical field strong enough to pull the positively charged particles out of the atmosphere, as stated by Mullard Space Science Laboratory researchers.

This system is just like the Earths, where the same contact with sunlight, charges particles and they are drawn up forming an electrical field and finally escaping.


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