Could There Be Life on Mars? Martian Meteorites Contain Methan

Scientists pried open six meteorites for testing and their research revealed an element that might help in search for life on Mars.

Methane, a gas that microbes can utilize as food, was found in the space debris. Some other gasses were also found which were in proportion with those of Mar’s atmosphere.

This new discovery isn’t proof enough of existence of life on Mar’s but it adds to the evidence that methane exists on Mar’s.

Sean McMahon, co-author of the research, stated that although Martian methane may not directly be feeding microbes, it still is a signal of a presence of warm, wet and chemically reactive environment where existence of life is possible.


The researchers studied the meteors after they were blasted out from Mar’s landing on Earth; despite the long journey they carried a piece of the planet back with them.

Methane on Earth is created by the biological process of organisms but it’s not the only source of production, it can also be produced by the eruption of volcanoes and other such geological events.

In the past studies of the planet Mar’s have also contributed to the existence of methane. The European Space Agency’s Mars Express, the Curiosity Rover gave reports of the presence of methane. Currently India’s Mars Orbiter is also seeking out methane in Mar’s atmosphere.

NASA and the European Space Agency are researching this further because as of know it is still a mystery where the methane in Mars comes from and does it even actually exist on Mars, however evidence does support the fact that Mar’s contains a large amount of methane.




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