Moon Coated With Mysterious Dust ?

A cloud of moon dust is hanging over the moon and will fill in craters and eventually filling in the footsteps of astronauts, as stated by University of Colorado, Boulder’s Mihaly Horanyi.

The speck of dust hangs over the moon for only a few minutes before showering back onto the lunar surface, but the dust constantly replenishes being a permanent fixture.

The moon is constantly covered with a haze due to the dust that dots the solar system. The collision of the dust and the moon results in thousands of particles of moon dust. This dust was particularly thick during the Geminid meteor shower.

The moon’s character is formed by the rise and fall of the dust grains; the cloud contains only 260 pounds of dust being from near the moon’s surface to about 70 miles up. These are the findings from data collected by NASA’s LADEE spacecraft which arrived on the moon in 2013.

Apollo astronauts reported a mysterious glow on the lunar horizon, one of the astronauts even took a pen and paper to sketch out what he described as ‘definite linear streamers’ of light outside his spacecraft’s.


Light bouncing off the dust is likely to be causing these strange sightings but the mystery remains and is likely to remain like this for a while. LADEE found dust but it did not find dense dust cloud needed to explain Apollo’s findings.

Johns Hopkins University’s Paul Feldman is confirming that they do not understand what Apollo’s astronauts observed.

From NASA’s Ames Research Center, Anthony Colprete, says that LADEE revealed a dust clouds but that not the complete picture. LADEE has provided scientists a useful clue, that it’s a possibility and much easier to study dusty worlds by examining their dust halos without having to land.

In 2014 LADEE spacecraft running on flow fuel, and it was deliberately driven into the lunar surface at high speed. Now LADDEE has found eternal rest in a handful of dust.



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