Wild Bees Make Billions for Farmers

Over a research period lasting 3 years scientists followed 74,000 bees from more than 780 species and found that on an average wild bees contribute $3.251 per hectare to crop production which is worth $2.931 per hectare.

Globally their contribution to the food system is in billions, the research team studied 90 projects to monitor bee pollination at 1,394 fields around the world. It was found that 2% of wild bees fertilize 80% of bee-pollinated crops worldwide.

This research helps us to put a monetary figure on the `ecosystem services` – those resources that are natures way of feeding us.
The rare and endangered species of bees may be less significant in contributing towards the world’s agriculture but protection for them is also vital.
Given the major fluctuation in populations, diversity in the bee’s species is important.
Due to the pesticides, mites, viruses and fungus, the honey bee’s population is declining majorly.
According to the FAO (Food and Agricultural Society) 80% of flowering plant species are pollinated by insects, birds and bats.
In a 2005 study, the value of pollination was at €153 billion, making up 9.5% of farm production. Crops which require pollination include coffee, cocoa, many fruit and vegetable types. One third of the world’s agricultural crops depend on these workers.
The positive situation is that it is the most common bees are the most vital and cheap measures can support these and give great benefit to agricultural crops.


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