Earth Running Out Of Water-How Much Is Really Left?

Humans are draining the water too quickly and the underground basins are not being able to replenish it fast enough according to a recent research by scientists.
Exactly how much water is left in the natural reservoirs is not clear, which supplies drinking water to half of USA’s population and is an essential source of water for agriculture.
UCI professor and principal investigator Jay Famiglietti says in a press release that the available physical and chemical measurements are insufficient and given how quickly the world’s groundwater reserves are being consumed, a global effort is required to determine how much water is left.
California is desperately parched due to an extended drought, the Californians have been draining the reserves so quickly that 10,000’s of square miles of land is sinking causing cracks on bridges and highways across the state.

The journal Water Resources Research published 2 studies representing efforts establish groundwater loss. One method is to use satellite data to research groundwater loss across the world. Data collected from NASA’s twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellites was used. The other method was to measure dips and bumps in the Earth’s gravity affected by the weight of groundwater.

In 2013 the 10 year research conducted by scientists of the planet’s 37 biggest aquifers ended. 8 of which were over-stressed with no natural replenishment, another 5 still had some water flowing into them but not enough to maintain their water levels.
The Arabian Aquifer System which supplies water to 60 million people in the Middle East was the most endangered and the Indus Basin Aquifer of India and Pakistan being the second most endangered while Murzuk-Djado Basin in Africa was the third on the list.



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