Choosing Your Own Diet May not be to your Best Interest, Study

According to a new study, choosing your own diet may not, in fact, be actually good for your weight loss aims. The best diets are the ones you can stick to, but a new study has found that it might not be one you pick yourself.

Two hundred seven veterans participated in the study. About 50% of participants were given the choice of a low0carb or low-fat diet. The rest were assigned to their own diet. Participants then followed these diets for 48 weeks.

From those who picked their preference, 58% took the low-carb diet while 42% went with the low-fat diet. Researchers then measured their weight over the course of the study. They also took data such as adherence, weight loss, and quality of life.

According to study lead author, Dr. William Yancy, “We figured that if people chose the diet on their own or with assistance that they would be more invested in the diet.” “We also thought that if they chose the diet based on what foods they preferred that that would help them stick to the diet better, but that’s not what we found.”

The researchers were surprised with their results: people who had chosen their diet were actually no more likely to stick to their diet than those who were assigned one. Also, people who were assigned a diet actually lost more weight than those who chose their diet. However, these results were, statistically, no different.




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